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Culture and Inheritance

Horvat’s Forge in Gornji Hrašćan


Only the rare deal with blacksmith craft today. Their skill is valuable and still needed in rural life and yet we turned Horvat’s forge in Gornji Hrašćan into a tourist attraction. Young and old love visiting it and outdoors classes are also very common at that place. Tourists’ interest for ... Read More »

Church of Blessed V. Mary Visitation in Macinec

Crkva Macinec (5)

Religious public is intrigued by the historic fact that St. Martin’s Church in Macinec was lead by the Templeras in 1334. and today’s Church of Blessed Virgin Mary’s Visitation dates from the year 1878th. The Church is restored and renovated between 2005th to 2013th. It belongs to the parish of ... Read More »

Church of Holy Trinity in Nedelišće


Name of this parish is mentioned for the first time in 1334. in a list of parishes in the Zagreb Diocese. Actual church was built in 1460., the time when people gathered around the church for religious, social and economic issues of artisans, merchants and entrepreneurs. In the 17th century ... Read More »

Statute of Nikola Zrinski in Gornji Kuršanec

Spomenik Nikola Zrinski-Kursanec (1)

Croatian count, soldier and a poet Nikola Zrinski Čakovečki was killed during hunting in the woods named Kuršanečki lug on November 18th 1664. Historical legacy of the Zrinski family in Međimurje and Čakovec is marked by a statue rasied on November 18th 1994. for Nikola Zrinski. It is placed in ... Read More »

Statue of Smoligar in Dunjkovec

Smoligar Dunjkovec (2)

In past times traditional occupations of Dunjkovec inhabitants were making brooms of birch, knitting baskets (ceker) and selling kindlings. Locals were also known for making trees for kindling (smolige) and as first local artisans. They were called “smoligar” and kindlings were sold all around the region. Dunjkovec is well known ... Read More »

Čiga in Slakovec

Ciga- Slakovec (1)

At the place were residents of Slakovec village once took water, today is situated a simbolic bucket for taking water out of the wellspring. It is only a feature without any function, but it’s appearance attracts all of those who pass by. Read More »

Old House Village in Črečan

Stare kuce- Crecan (3)

We live at the time which wrappes us up in it’s cloak of suspsense and that is why we are more and more committed to nature. That’s why the old house village in Črečan is becoming an ideal place for picnics and relaxation. More and more visitors of Črečan is ... Read More »

The first printing house in Nedelišće


One of the first printing houses in Croatia worked in Nedelišće. From year 1570. to 1586. it was held by noble family of Zrinski’s and in that time they printed “Decretum” by Ivan Pergošić. That is the oldest Croatian bok written in kajkavian dialect. Read More »

The first railway


Threw Dunjkovec and Macinec passes the first Croatian railway built in 1857th. Construction began between Pragersko in Slovenia and Nagykanizsa in Hungary, with the extension towards Budapest. The goal was to join Budapest with the existing rail Vienna – Trieste, via Croatia and Slovenia. That was the first railway lined ... Read More »

Zoological collection of Andrija Lesinger


In Čakovečka street in Nedelišće there is a first private collection of our respected ecologist, ornithologist and conserve Andrija Lesinger. He was an employee of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts when in 1960. he left Međimurje and moved to Dubrovnik. There he dealed with taxidermy and he emproved ... Read More »

Birthplace of Dr. Ivan Novak in Macinec

Rodna kuca Ivana Novaka- Macinec (0)

Here in our county we regard Dr. Ivan Novak as a revivalist of Međimurje. He was born in 1884. in Macinec. He graduated from law in year 1910. in two cities – Zagreb and Budapest. In time of Hungarin domination over Međimurje and it’s culmination, Croatian intelligence denominated dr. Novak ... Read More »

Birthplace of Josip Vrhovski in Črečan

Rodna kuca Josipa Vrhovskog- Crecan (4)

Music teacher, composer and conductor Josip Vrhovski was born in Črečan in year 1902. year (died 1983.). His name today bears internationaly successful choir from Nedelišće. At Vrhovski’s birthplace is a memorial-panel and an homage to his character and work is celebrated annualy on Days of Vrhovski. Read More »