Wednesday , 8 April 2020


International exhibition of small animals


Association of small animals breeders Nedelišće is the organizer of this well known exhibition. For decades they give household to breeders from all over the country and abroad. It is held in first days of January. Read More »

Bicycle ride ‘Paths of Nedelišće Municipality’


Arranged bicycle track through the Municipality of Nedelišće extends to 31.63 kilometres and on spring and fall we occupy it by hundreds of professional and recreational cyclists in our traditional bike ride named “Paths of Nedelišće Municipality”. Number of participants is increasing over the years and our households joy is ... Read More »

Carnival in Nedelišće


Carnival in Nedelišće is the time of ravishment. We invoke a good year and the crops that we will enjoy for the Thanksgiving period. Our Carnival is massive, probably in greatest numbers in Međimurje. It is led by children who attend the local kindergarten Zvončić, pupils from municipal schools and ... Read More »

Međimurski sajam poduzetništva


We create opportunities is a motto of our Međimurje Enterpreneur Fair (Međimurski sajam poduzetništva). Every year in July they organize central Fair which has an international character. Founders of Međimurje Enterpreneur Fair are Nedelišće Municipality and Međimurje county. Read More »

Thanksgiving days for fruits of the Earth


Since the first event of our Thanksgiving days for fruits of the Earth in 2004. this event turned into the most beautiful and the most populous manifestation of our Tourist Board. Exhibitors from Međimurje and north-west Croatia gather in the MESAP d.o.o. hall in Nedelišće, to present agricultural and other ... Read More »

Christmas concert

There is no doubt, Christmas concert is the most popular and most recognizable art brand in north-west Croatia, organized by Josip Vrhovski Choir from Nedelišće. Choir singers have their repertoire and their guest – most popular faces of Croatian music scene, as well. Read More »

Međimurske popevke


The organizer of this event is our Cultural-artistic association Seljačka sloga Nedelišće. The first festival of Međimurske popevke was held in 1971. and it held every four years. Revitalization of this event happened in 1995. and since then it is held annually. Read More »

Passport – Happy 13


This is an action, or maybe better to call it a game, that lasts almost for the whole year. From January to November. The participants are cycling lovers who collect seals in their Passports – Happy 13. They have to collect 13 seals in 13 cafes, restaurants, motels and so ... Read More »

Saint Martin in Nedelišće


Baptizing must ceremony organized by our Tourist Board enjoys a reputation bigger and more popular than we ever expected. The event has a large number of exhibitors, wine lovers and connoisseurs of divine wine and table culture. Our Saint Martin’s audience comes to watch the program with joy. Wine lovers ... Read More »