Sunday , 5 April 2020


Accumulating lake HE Čakovec

Jezero- Gornji Kursanec (7)

Gornji Kuršanec is well know for artificial accumulating lake of Hydropower Čakovec and as a meeting place of people who need rest and feel the need for recreation. Nautical club Međimurje organizes regattas, sailing training, motorboats driving school and diving training. Lot of people like coming to the lake because ... Read More »

Jegerseg pond

Ribnjak Jegersek (2)

This pond is situated in Slakovec village and it is a favorite place for strollers and people who care about the habitat of this retention. Read More »

Gornji Hrašćan pond

Ribnjak Gornji Hrascan (4)

Gravel exploitation undermined the habitat ponds in Gornji Hrašćan to the detriment of long-term fish growth. Read More »

Pušćine pond

Ribnjak Puscine (0)

Members and fishermen gathered in Sports Fishing Association “Amur” take care of the pond in Pušćine. Quite often this place is a meeting point for traditional events in the spring and summer. Read More »

Črečan pond

Ribnjak Crecan (7)

Decorated pond in Črečan is a gathering place for the people from the village and it’s surroundings. Good company and good food are basic characteristics of the pond on which you can have fish and traditional dishes and a possibility to engage in fishing at the same time. Read More »

River Drava

Drava stari tok (3)

Remains of old stream of river Drava pass threw the territory of Nedelišće Municipality. This boon is still seen in Pušćine, Kuršanec and Trnovac but also in Vularija, Otok, Sveta Marija and Donja Dubrava in the so-called, lower Međimurje. River Drava is also the best preserved ornithological and ichthyological preserve ... Read More »

Plane tree

Platana (1)

For the past three hundred years, in the center of Nedelišće grows a plane tree. This horticultural monument has a radius of six and a half meters, so biologists predict that it will grow for another hundred years or more. It can be seen on address Trg Republike 16. Read More »